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There is a growing interest in spiritual healing within our modern society, but what is healing and how does spiritualist belief and practice help to heal those in pain and those who are suffering?

Sometimes, spiritual healing is also referred to as faith healing. Although this implies that faith is required to produce a successful outcome, that is not necessarily so. Some people, for example young children, don’t have a high understanding of faith, however despite this they have still shown significant improvement as a result of spiritual healing.

Spiritual healing is recognised by many. It is not the healer who heals, but the guidelines they follow from the spiritual dimension that can make a positive difference. It is a popular spiritualist belief that those who were skilled and experienced in the fields of medicine and dentistry on Earth pass on their knowledge and healing influences from the spirit world when they have passed.

Healing services

Healing services are designed to help those who are dealing with pain, those who have been diagnosed with illness or disease and those who are struggling with poor health. Healing services are often very simple and the healer, who may also be known as the medium, conveys their support and carries out their role by gently placing their hands on the individual’s head, hands or back. A healing touch is supported by prayer, which also makes it possible to heal those who are absent, perhaps because they are unable to get to a service.

Illness and spiritualism

Illness is not a form of punishment for deeds and acts committed on Earth, as this suggests that God doles out retribution and is somehow vindictive in nature; this does not reflect the spiritualist belief in Him. Illness is governed by nature and personal responsibility. Spiritualism teaches that God does not have a bearing on health, but humans are capable of damaging their own health and well-being through their own lifestyle choices.

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