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What to expect at a spiritualist church service

Services will vary slightly depending on the spiritualist church organisation you join, but as a general rule the service at a spiritualist church isn’t too dissimilar from a service at a Christian-based church. However, there may or may not be references to God or Jesus.

Typically, a spiritualist church service will consist of:


There will be singing! Most spiritualist churches sing traditional hymns during a service.


The spiritualist medium, or speaker, will often read a short passage or piece of text to provoke thought from the congregation.


The spiritualist medium will provide an address that relates to the previous reading. Usually, this is inspired by the spirit realm and so will not be rehearsed.


This demonstration provides evidence that there is life after death. Spirits will make themselves heard by the spiritualist medium, who will then relay any messages to the spirits’ loved ones who are in the congregation.

Healing thoughts

This takes the form of a quiet time in which you will send out healing and loving thoughts to those who are in need of healing. In some churches there is a healing book, and thoughts are sent out to the names written on this list.

Quiet time

This allows for a brief moment of inner reflection.