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What is spiritualism?

Spiritualism is a concept that centres on the relationship between living people and the spirit realm. It focuses on the belief that spirits are present amongst us on Earth, but in a separate dimension.

When somebody passes away, spiritualism teaches us that they travel to the spirit world. Although everyone is admitted to the spirit dimension, people who have been ‘good’ on Earth are likely to visit more pleasant parts of the spirit world than those who have done wrong in their human life. This is because people who are thought to be ‘bad’ have an inclination to share space and time with similar spirits. Religion is irrelevant to whether or not you move to the spirit world as everyone moves from the human dimension to the spirit world regardless of the religion they followed during their human life.

How do spirits interact with humans?

It is the spiritualist belief that spirits have the ability to communicate with people living in the human world. They can make their presence known in various ways and people will have different experiences of interactions with spirits. It is not possible for everyone to interact with spirits and interactions only take place when spirits are willing to present themselves. A medium is not able to try and connect with specific spirits at given times.

What happens at a spiritualist church service?

Spiritualist church services provide an opportunity for those interested in or devoted to spiritualism to connect with the spirit world through an experienced medium. A medium is somebody who has enhanced sensitivity to messages and communication from the spirit world.

In order to detect vibrations and murmurs from the spirit world, a medium will often meditate. The service is designed to bring people together, encourage the sharing of spiritual experiences and enhance the understanding of spiritualism. It is common for spirits to pass on messages of love, reassurance and support and this can have a very positive and profound impact on those receiving the communication. Healing also plays an important part in a spiritualist service and in this case, the spiritual leader employs spiritual healing guides to help those in pain or suffering with illness.

The fundamental principles of the spiritualist church:

  • The church is founded on a belief in God as a creative and life-giving force on Earth
  • People are intrinsically linked and humans share a love based on brotherhood
  • People enjoy eternal life. Once they pass on from the human world, they enter the spirit world
  • The soul is eternal and invincible. It evolves and progresses constantly
  • All actions on Earth have repercussions in the spirit world. This relates to both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ deeds
  • People are responsible for the way they choose to live their own lives